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Duplicate site name in url to wake up


I try to use this wakeup application, and when I execute it there was a "Cannot reach site" error. That was because the name of the site was duplicated.
For example:
SPWakeUp.exe -site:
It tries to wake up the url:
I solve it adding a function called ExtractServerName and creating the full path with this.
Also I add two new parameters:
sitesFile: Filename with the sites to include. Default: sites.conf.
excludesFile:Filename with the sites to exclude. Default: exclude.conf.
It helps me to have diferents batch programs that wakes up different sites without the need to have one folder for each wake up configuration.
Hope this helps.
I attached the file Program.cs.
Note: for job policies, I add my name and my company into the code at line 109, of course you can remove it.
Josep Oncins

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