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Project Description
A simple application that touches each site and site collection on a Sharepoint or WSS server to rebuild the IIS cache.
This project was inspired by the Warm Up script I found at:

Running spwakup without any options will search for and find all Web Applications on your farm. Each Web App will in turn be searched for Site Collections and Sites. Once a list of every URL is built, spwakup will open an HTTP connection to each in turn. This rebuilds the caches on the server which improves performance for subsequent visits.

You'll generally want to schedule spwakeup to run once a day on your Web-Front End servers sometime after IIS has been reset. I usually just schedule mine for 4am. You can also run it manually any time you need to reset IIS.

Available run-time options are:
-Exclude: Excludes the listed Site Collection URL from being woken.
Can be used more than once. Example: spwakeup3.exe -Exclude: -Exclude:

-Email: An email address that should be sent a log of the results.

-UserName: Name of the account that should be used to browse the sites. If no user name is set, sites are accessed under the current account. This option must be used in conjunction with the -Domain and -Password options.
-Domain: The domain of the account specified above.
-Password: The password that should be used to browse the sites.

-Authentication: The type of authentication used to browse the sites. Default value is NTLM.

-Verbose Shows the old-style verbose interface.

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