Version 2.4 feedback

Dec 23, 2009 at 11:03 PM

Tested new version today. Generally works well but did find one issue.  I only want to wakeup a specific set of sitecollections in a webapplication that has as 4 implicit managed paths with many site collections in each path. I turned off discovery and seth the sites.conf file as follows:


The application did wakeup these site collections (and their subsites) but it also attempted to open every single over site collection in the webapplication but was unable to do so because of the way it created a url to do so. So for example there is a site collection in the webapp call http://intranet/teams/team1. The application attempted to open http://intranet/pilots/user1/teams/team1. It did this for every  site collection in the webapp twice, once for each of the site list url, appending each webapps site collection to the urls list in the sites.conf file.